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Gravity buster gemma

some new art! more bbusty goddess to my love harem lololol

Mega warm up

second drawing i’ve done so far. i think after that 2/3 month hiatus, i’m getting closer to my groove again….
i’m offering free sketches for any girls that send me a reference pic today only to help me get my skills back up , so that i can get back to doing comics and commissions(my prices) next week!
drop me an email at Email@andehpinkard.com  or msg me on FB or tumblr.


Support SHonen Punk! on patreon!

So i’ve updated and changed the focus of the patreon I set up for shonen punk. It is now in support of the monthly Issues , with promises of giving free difgital copies and stuff to patrons.

come check it out! http://www.patreon.com/andeh


patreon is a sort of per monthly(for us) crowdfunding kinda thing.

​Every month I collect the previous pages into digital comics(PDFs) Which I sell for a buck or two depending if we break the 20 page mark or not. Currently the webcomics are about an issue ahead of the Digital comic version. and the digital version I offer through patreon will have behind the scenes art and stuff that the regular ones up on drive-thru comics won’t have!

​When we have enough for a volume I will put it up for physical print, there’s patreon reward tier that ensures you get a copy. so you might wanna check that out!

Pinkard! Comix site relaunch!




It’s been a while since I first decided to change Geek Riot Comics into Pinkard! Comix. And as such, I figured it was time to redo the site design and focus. So now on PinkardComix.com  you can find the regular updates of all out comics and even read Comics that are hosted else where with out actually leaving the site! all praise fancybox js!  hahaha

So why not take a moment to reacquaint your self with  the rather large and ever expanding Pinkardverse?  We have all ages comics, we have teen+ comics and of course even Mature rated comics. so just click that NEW SHINY logo below, and read some free webcomics! leave comments! the whole shebang!

new header

what’s Saturday sneak peek?

shhhhTommorrow is saturday! you know what that means? Sneak Peek saturday over on the patreon feed! and nowhere else! are you missing out? lol maybe? haha if you like seeing sketches of yet to be seen  characters, and other tidbuts, then yeah. you are. 10 bucks a month get’s you FREE digital e-books(pdf or cbz) of the first two issues of Shonen Punk! Remix, access to the weekly sneak peak stuff  annnddd You will also get a free subscription to the digital comic version of shonen punk! remix every month you get a new issue! www.patreon.com/andeh