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The Real Geek Girls Alliance is not an event, it is a call to action.

There has been a very sad state scenario happening within the geek social world. A sudden attack to any female within the geek social circle. Men and even some women have been acting like fools. With the sudden rise of geek culture into the average joe's line of sight, so has the emergence of "new" geeks both male and female. and while the males are taught the ropes and what not, the girls on the other hand have been getting the bad end of the deal. They have been getting chastised, quizzed, and graded and ultimately singled out as the "fake geek girl".

But who deems who is legit and who is fake? So you just saw the avengers - of course you want to know more about this awesome universe. So you go to your local comic shop, after all where else would you go for information on a comic universe? You walk in thinking, "oh, hey! this is great im gonna get help and guidance straight from the experienced super fans!" But imagine to your dismay that you are instead treated like like a shemp - coddled and even looked down upon because god forbid you weren't born into the knowledge of all things comics/games/whatever. This is not permissable behavior. Do you not recall how it felt the first time you read a comic or played a video game and you were sucked into the massive black hole of suckabilty that we call geekdom? Would you still be playing/reading if you were shot down before you could even ask "is there more?" NO of course not. And we need to stop treating others like this.


we're geeks. were supposed to be the open-minded(mostly lol) The accepting of things not normal.

SO lets stop being DOUCHE-GEEKS.

We challenge geeks, creators, writers, artists, gamers and all the rest of you to make a stand. Don't let the cries of newbie geeks to go unheard. Someone has to speak for those who can't get a word in edgewise.

Raise your fist and proudly declare that comic books, video games, table tops, card games , etc. are not for the super privileged. The right to geek out with fellow like-minded people belongs to any and everyone! Right is MIGHT. heh.

If you're on twitter, use the hashtag #realgeekgirlsalliance when promoting your site.


Wanna spread teh word? Use a css Top left corner banner.


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html snippet(place anywhere, but head is best!)

<a id="topleft" href="http://andehpinkard.com/realgeekgirls/" title="Real Geek Girls alliance"> <img src="http://geekriotcomics.com/shonenpunk/files/2013/01/geekgirls.png"></a>

Stick a banner on your site/blog/whatever



This isn't about me. but if you need to get a hold of me you can find me @teh_andeh on twitter.